The start of our trip – by Mia

First we packed up the house and drove to Narrabri.  We stayed in the showgrounds there. Mum used to live in Narrabri with her friend Simone. She is a great cook. Her son Giulio can do the Rubik’s cube in 1 minute and 42 seconds!   We went to the cotton fields just outside Narrabri where Mum used to work.

family in the cotton Narrabri

After that we drove to Coonabarabran and stayed in the Warrumbungle National Park. Meg and Peter who owned the place where we stayed grew lots of tomatoes and Meg taught me to draw an elephant. Meg made a great tomato soup.

We went to the sandstone caves, Pilliga Pottery, White Gum Lookout and did a 6 and a half kilometre walk to Macha Tor – a giant rock scramble. I stood right on the top.

Macha Tor walk Mia Charlie Jez Sandstone caves Pilliga

Meg and Peter have a pool which is a concrete tank in the ground with a dark bottom, so it looks dark.

Meg pool view

In school we made paper shapes. In Narrabri I had a lesson on the phone with my new teacher, Mrs Flemming. Also in Narrabri there was a storm and we had the van windows open, so you know what that means!

Bye for now,


12 thoughts on “The start of our trip – by Mia

  1. Hello everyone, I was so thrilled to read your first blog Mia, VERY well done. You have certainly had a busy and exciting time since you left. The cave photo is spectacular. What did you talk about with your teacher?
    Grandpa and I are going to a friend’s retirement party today at McCrossins Mill, I think you have been there.
    I check every day for blog news and hope always that you are all having a great time.
    It is only 1 month until we go on our desert trip, don’t think I will be doing a blog though, wouldn’t know where to start!
    Must go and dress up, lots of love to you all, P’ma and grandpa.

    1. Hi Pma! We talked about 3D objects and numbers up to tens of thousands that day. Last Friday I did english, reading, maths and grammar. Mum says she is learning a lot too!! Love you. Bye for now. Mia

  2. Dear Mia and Charlie
    What great adventures you are having – you are two very lucky children. Stace Street is very quiet without you, and we are all missing you.
    We will look forward to receiving your blog and hearing your news.
    Love from Helen and David

      1. Poor Charlie! Sorry I didn’t see this before, but if it still hurts a bit I’ll send a kiss to make it better. The postman put a postcard from you into our mail box at the post office (it was for Peter), so we popped it in his letter box.

  3. Hi Mia. Sounds like you are doing and seeing lots of cool things! It is great that you are keeping a blog to remember everything and share your adventures with us all. I caught a big ferry to Suva yesterday (it took 20 hours) where I’ll be for the next few days. Looking forward to reading more posts!

    1. HOly long ferry trip Em! Hope the swell wasn’t too bad post-cyclone? Glad you’re all good after it being so close.
      Hope you get some diving in soon!! 🙂 K x

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