Leaving day – Kirsti

You can never fit it all in. Not the emotions, the clothes, the games, books, cords, towels or the excitement. It doesn’t fit anywhere. Especially not in a Jayco Hawk Outback pop top camper that we’ve got with us on our journey!

Leaving day was full of all that trying to fit things in. I tried to fit in conversations with neighbours and Mum and Dad, who we will miss so much during the year. I tried to talk about the important things; what were they again? Oh yeah! Everything!  Every little thing was important. Remembering to put Mia’s eardrops in was important, and so was screen time for anxious and excited kiddiewinkles.

Leaving Day collage

We had so much help packing those last bits. I hate those last bits!  I think I packed three “last” boxes filled with miscellaneous stuff I didn’t know what else to do with!  Mum cleaned, Dad took photos, neighbours carted things outside, swept and gave us wine, chocolate and hugs.

Leaving day neighbours

Jez was busy strapping bikes on, filling jerry cans, checking electricals, nooks and crannies in the van, toolboxes and engines. He will get us around this country without me even knowing most of what he’s rigged up, what he unplugs and replugs every night, and the design of multiple batteries to power everything from the fridge to outdoor lights and ithing chargers.

Actually, I’m learning bits as we go. Good thing too, as Jez is heading to a conference in New Zealand at the end of June when I’ll have to do all that stuff myself (or stay with someone…..)

We eventually got the car and van, people and bags to a point where we could pull out of the driveway!  Hooray!  Then we stopped three doors up at Mum and Dad’s for lunch!!!  After all the emotions, all the anticipation and all the things, I just needed to sit. Eat. Breathe.


We were doing it. We’d just packed up our small house and lives and were heading around the country for the whole year.  I felt so proud of us, especially doing it at a time when stability, money earning and job security is the typical first priority on people’s agenda. Anyone who knows me will know that if someone says I can’t do it, I’ll give it a red hot go.

So we had lunch with Mum and Dad, thinking about how much we’ll miss our day to day. We’d gone through our proposed route with them, and the map was sitting on the kitchen table. It’s a bloody big country you know!  We estimate we’ll probably do in excess of 30,000kms by January 2016. And in April Mum and Dad are heading to Western Australia to do the (in)famous Canning Stock Route too! What with them on some serious 4WDing, us heading around the country and Lulu and Damien having just finished about 2 months of full time festivalling, it appears we cannot sit still.

So we were off after much kissing, hugging and checking of things again.

Narrabri showgrounds was the destination, Mt Kaputar for red slugs was the plan….

5 thoughts on “Leaving day – Kirsti

  1. Nice one…did wonder if you would do a blog but then wondered why I was wondering? Kinda feels like a given :-). Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Kirsti well you are finally on the road and no doubt in some sort of routine. Wonderful experience and you will see and do so much…..one thing about being in a camper and sitting free camping at times you see things that some will never see. Hope you travel safe and well. In a couple of months hopefully we will be leaving for our big journey as well. Take care.. Cheers. Penny

  3. The day finally arrived, well done. The street will all miss you greatly,and I just cannot think of days without Mia and Charlie, you and Jez too, of course.
    Our trip planning will keep us busy I’m sure.
    Drive safely and drink heaps of water!
    Love Mum.

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