Lightning Ridge, opal country! – Mia

First we drove to our caravan park. There we swam in the pool – it was great! We needed to cool down, but I felt warm in the pool too.

LR caravan park pool

The first full day there we went to the water park. It had 2 seals and 2 crocodiles that were chained to the bottom which gave them an effect of floating. There were 4 water slides. One was a swan, another was a pirate ship, another a turtle and one was a frog. I loved it.

LR water park

The next day we went 23m underground into the Chambers of the Black Hand. The dig for opal, and someone (Ron who owns the mine) has carved hundreds of figures in the sandstone walls. I saw Harry Potter, Nemo, and an invisible Wally and an invisible man!  There are Wally’s hidden amongst the carvings. I found 18 out of 23, and I guessed that there were 23. I was right!

Family Chamber of Black Hands

Mia underground LR

Mia Charlie chamber of black hands

It was a bit scary going down into the earth.

The next day we packed up and went to Nindigully. There’s only a pub there next to the Moonie River. We got a lemonade at the pub and me and Charlie played in the cubby and playground there. There was a big lightning storm there too. I don’t like lightning, so I felt scared.

Nindigully lightning

Next we’re going to the Bunya Mountains, so stay tuned!


P.S. we’re in Queensland!

9 thoughts on “Lightning Ridge, opal country! – Mia

  1. Hello Mia
    What a fabulous piece of writing! But then, you are having such great adventures, aren’t you? Fancy going so far down into the earth!
    About 50 years ago I went to Lightning Ridge, but I haven’t been there since. My friends and I went on a holiday driving around NSW staying in caravans on the way. We loved to ‘noodle the mullock’ hoping to find some opal that the miner had missed, but unfortunately we didn’t. The miners used to keep their opals in match boxes, and before they showed them to you they would lick them to make the colours more vibrant.
    There was no swimming pool there then, just a water hole if it happened to rain. I’m sure Charlie loved the pools, too.
    Last night Stace Street people met up over the road for drinks and yummy food. We missed you and your family. We will remember you on Friday for your birthday – have a great day!
    We look forward to reading more of your adventures
    Lots of love

    1. HI Helen and David! We most definitely licked our opals too! 🙂 And Charlie has become so much more confident in the water since Lightning Ridge. Now telling us hs can swim! His whole body goes underwater and he does this hilarious wiggle around! Most people think he’s drowning, but he comes up triumphant with a giant grin!

  2. Very well written Mia. You are all having such wonderful adventures, you will remember them forever. We all miss your smiling faces here. I wonder where you will be on your Birthday? We will certainly find you, I hope the Easter Bunny does too!
    I loved the photos of the pool it must have been heaps of fun.
    I check each day to read of your adventures.
    Lots of love and cuddles, P’ma and Grandpa.

    1. Hi Mum/Pma, Australia Zoo and the Buderim Ginger Factory were a great treat for MIa’s birthday. But then here at Noosa we had pancakes for breakfast, then went to the beach, then came back to the van park for a swimming afternoon, then Mia and I had dinner up at an outdoor cinema at the park! Fabulous day together. We missed you. xxx

  3. Dear Mia,
    It looks like you are having a marvellous time. The photos are fabulous and everyone loved seeing your happy smiling face! We miss you and I’m sure you miss us!
    We are almost finished for the term, and we are very happy about that as we are all super tired. The school Easter hat parade is on Thursday and tomorrow we are watching ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ on DVD to finish our English unit.
    Have a fabulous Easter and enjoy eating some (lots) of chocolate! Mrs Pennington will be!
    Love from us all. X

  4. I’ll bet it was scary going under the earth. You are writing great blogs. I can’t wait to read each morning.
    Love P’ma.

  5. Hi Mia

    Looks awesome at Lightning Ridge. Hope you are having a fabulous time. Can’t wait till you get back, even though it is going to be a long time. Did the Easter Bunny find you?

    Love from Gab

  6. Hello Mia,
    Hope you Charlie mum and dad had a fantastic easter and not too much chocolate! I hope you are having great weather and seeing lots of new places. I’m enjoying all your picture’s and love seeing your beautiful smiles.
    I’m in Mackay and it is very hot for this time of year, hope you get to visit here in your travels.
    Take care and we all miss you, please say hello to mum dad and Charlie for me.
    Mrs Bieler (Vicki) x 🙂

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