My 8th birthday – Mia

On my 8th birthday I woke up to see balloons hanging from the roof of the caravan. I waited a tiny bit then I peeked through the curtains and saw something else hanging from the roof. It was a little fluffy pink giraffe with ginormous sparkly green eyes from Mum and Dad. It came with a tag on it saying “May name is Strawberry”.  I got out of the bed and there was a card from Mum and Dad that had candles inside that had lights, and there was a hole that you had to blow on to blow them out, and the card started singing happy birthday to me! It even said “happy birthday dear Mia”! I also got a card from Pma and Grandpa but I can hardly read Pma’s writing so I had to ask Dad to read it to me. He could hardly read it either so Mum read it to us!



For breakfast we had pancakes, and we had a funny face competition. I made a face that had spikey strawberry hair, blue blueberry eyes, pink yoghurt cheeks, banana for a mouth and a strawberry nose. Dad’s one looked more like a bird. It was a strip of yoghurt with two blueberries and a strawberry!

birthday pancakes

After our morning and school for me and Mum, we went to Peregian Beach. Mum did 40 cartwheels along the beach, and I got a mangrove stick and wrote the number of cartwheels in the sand. There were a lot of blue bottles around and I nearly stepped on one.

Peregian Beach

There was a big bouncy cushion at the caravan park we were staying at, and we jumped on that for a long time. After that we went in the pool for a bit because we were quite hot.

bouncy birthday cusions

I designed dinner of honey soy chicken wrapped in a Japanese omelette with veges. Mum agreed it was delicious!  There was a movie on that night, outdoors, at the caravan park. It was supposed to be Garfield, but the disc wasn’t working, so they put on Open Season 2. It was a really funny movie.

I felt very happy about having a great birthday in Noosa. My favourite part of the day was probably bouncing on the giant cushion, especially when Mum and Dad got on and double bounced us!

Bye for now,



10 thoughts on “My 8th birthday – Mia

  1. Loved your story, Mia – keep it up. I am concerned about P’ma’s writing. It would be good if you were here to teacher her how to write legibly, but you’re not – so it may be a job for me! I don’t know how successful I’ll be because she is going bush soon, and I fear it may be a BIG job.
    We’re having a little party on Saturday to farewell P’ma and Grandpa, and we are sorry you won’t be here to share it.
    Lots of love to you and Charlie

  2. Hi Mia,

    I am a friend of your mum’s, a mum of an 8yo, a scientist and a fan of yours!! You are an amazing story teller and I love reading your posts. Your birthday sounds like it was wonderful and I hope mine is just as special this year and involves balloons, trampolines and pancakes.

    I cannot wait to read more about your adventures being 8… Or anything you write! Are you liking your travelling adventure so far???

    I look forward to seeing the world through your eyes again soon!! Thank you for sharing it with me.


  3. What a fantastic sight to wake up to on your birthday. Everything about your day sounded just perfect, especially the pancakes and chicken. The bouncy thing looks like great fun, did anyone fall off? Sorry about the writing problem, better practise I guess!(have had this problem ALL my life)
    We are still getting organised for our trip, every time I turn around there is something else to consider.
    Keep up the great writing Mia, I will miss reading blogs while we are away, I know there will be heaps when we get home.
    Love you all, P’ma and Grandpa.

  4. Wow what a great way to start your birthday. Aren’t jumping pillows THE best! I love double bouncing Robson and Ari when we have been on them. I really love running on them too as it feels so incredibly silly. I really look forward to reading about your adventures and being able to be part of them through reading about them.
    Love to you all. Heidi, Belinda, Robson & Ari

  5. Hi Mia. I’m glad you had a fantastic birthday. Being at the beach – minus the blue bottles – and the jumping castle must have been great fun. I hope you continue having a great adventure. Love to everyone, Aunty Em.

  6. Hi Mia Gosh it sounds like you had an amazing Birthday . I wish I had been there to share it with you and now that I have “Bert ” I can plan ahead and be there. you and Charlie look so happy . I am glad you are giving such a good time love and kisses NanaC

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments and birthday wishes. We are reading every single one of them, even if we don’t reply – it makes our day! xxx

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