Life at Lake Cootharaba – Kirsti

Five days and four nights of our life this year was on the shores of Lake Cootharaba at Boreen Point. It’s a place I really only knew from stories about wind surfing and my parents’ holidays with friends. Mum and Dad really enjoyed their time at Lake Cootharaba, but I never went with them. Damn, I wish I had!

What a special place!


Lake Cootharaba is Queensland largest natural lake, and it’s shallow – really shallow – which makes it perfect for sailboarding, kayaking, sailing, kite surfing and a plethora of other water sports. It flows northward from the Noosa River, and is at the southern border of the Great Sandy National Park that stretches up to Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point. The beaches up here are well known for being long, flat, wide and 4WDable. And lots of people do it (not us. no rust, no thanks.).

We popped the camper nestled in a sheltered nook at the back of the campsite, right on the Melaleuca forest. Ahhh….and breathed. We shared the site with many others, but it wasn’t packed. Our favourite neighbours were huge monitor lizards that had a favourite path right past our camper, kookaburras that could see worms underground from 6m up, and the fish that ended up on the end of our hook for a few minutes! We relaxed, learnt to fish, and went kayaking and bike riding.

Goanna kookaburra Cootharaba

Actually, when I say ‘we’ learnt to fish, I think could safely say that Mia embraced fishing more than any of us. She caught the first fish, and has now eyed off her next purchase – a pink rod with which she will catch us our dinner for the rest of the trip! But we all pulled in some little stripey zebra fish, a whiting or two, and Charlie hooked a puffer fish that jumped right back into the water as we got him on the shore.

Day1 fishing Lake Cootharaba

The beautiful Apollonian Hotel, just 100m up a hill from the campsite, was brought to Boreen Point from Gympie in 1987, but is an old, wooden sprawling building from the late 1800’s. Good meals, great coffee, and all within 100m of one of the most lovely camping sites in this area!

Pub Boreen Point

The kids loved that you could walk everywhere they ever wanted to go.  Charlie has really embraced the playground thing, and loves nothing more than to play Fireman Sam, swing as high as possible on the big boy swings and climb until his limbs are sore. Mia is a great big sister, creating obligatory competitions when racing to the swings, usually resulting in a tripping incident at the most splintery location….. heh.

I loved that there was space and time for mandalas, kayaking and walks along the banks of the lake. Jez and I agree that this campsite is perfect for a family holiday. The camping is right on the lake, it wasn’t super busy, and the lake is shallow enough for a completely non-stress water holiday with young kids. We’d recommend it any day.






3 thoughts on “Life at Lake Cootharaba – Kirsti

  1. Great to read of your travels Kirsti….. All being well we hope to get away now on 1 June….Penny

    1. Great Penny!! We’ve got your list of suggested locations up north a bit at the ready, and heading to Porcupine Gorge and the O’Brien gemfields when we get up that way! Happy travels to you and Peter. Keep in touch – we might cross paths?

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