The easter bilby found us in Noosa! – Kirsti

On our way eastward from the pouring rain in Woodford, it was still wet. The radar still showed dark blue and in places red splotches all around the Sunshine Coast. But easing further north.  So we drove that way.

We suspected there were many holiday makers hesitant to make Noosa their Easter destination because of those radar splotches, so we called caravan parks to see if there had been any easter cancellations. Of course there was. Yippee!

Although it was peak time, we didn’t really care. Jez and I had work commitments and needed internet and power, and it was Easter after all. There were friends we wanted to see, places we wanted to go. And an 8 year old’s birthday.

We have stayed just over 3 weeks on the Sunshine coast! And we’ve had a great time, exploring the beaches, hinterland, fish and chip shops, swimming pools and yoga centres (I did aerial yoga and LOVED it!). The Easter Bilby found us too! Easter chocolate abounded, as did a kid circus at the van park we were in!

kiddiewinkles easater morning

Easter circus collage

We caught up with an old friend from Christmas Island, which was wonderful. Mia and Charlie got to play LEGO with another addict, and I got to meet new family members and talk island life. We also stayed for three nights with Clare, another old friend of mine from Armidale High. It’s wonderful what time and school reunions do for friendships, and I’m really grateful to be back in touch with Clare and her family. They provided Harry Potter to the fans too – Mia is on the LAST book of Harry Potter, and we watched the first 3 movies at Clare’s place. Absolutely priceless. Charlie bonded with the cat and dog, and the pet discussion will be on the agenda for Day1 back from this trip!

Another old friend catch up with Leanne from JCU! I love that it feels like yesterday we were in college in Townsville, but today our kids play happily, and we challenged them to slack lining and spent a fab day at Caloundra exploring their beaches.

Sunshine coast friends

Charlie has hit some serious milestones since we’ve been away, and his Noosa trick was swimming! He literally taught himself to propel forward while thrashing and wiggling and kicking just underwater in a matter of days! It was just hilarious and awesome to watch! We spent a considerable amount of time in the pools of the caravan parks, and this suited kids just fine. Charlie’s confidence in the water skyrocketed, and Mia is entertaining synchronised swimming as her next sport of choice!

One of my favourite places was Eumundi. Noosa was far too crowded for us most of the time. Although we managed a nice foreshore BBQ, Jez and the kids went kayaking and we braved Hastings St for ice cream and shopping for shorts, we stayed out the main part of Noosa.

Devouring ice cream made fresh using liquid nitrogen at Nitrogenie!
Devouring ice cream made fresh using liquid nitrogen at Nitrogenie!

Eumundi – ohhh, what a lovely, soul-filling place. Markets you could spend days in; Berkelowe Books to lose yourself for a lifetime; a mind blowing glass blowing gallery that also sells devils, angels and glass pens; great coffee; and a leather shop from which I still have satisfying residual leather smells! All that and still relaxed and happy.



Our few weeks on the Sunshine Coast felt like many more. Time really did slow down for me. We had a holiday. We both stopped working for a bit, we had no school commitments, lots of chocolate to eat….. it was lush.

Family in Noosa easter

Heading north. Gympie State High School booked in for School of Ants April 22nd.


One thought on “The easter bilby found us in Noosa! – Kirsti

  1. Sounds wonderful and you all seem soooo relaxed. So good for the kids….just to think you have many more months to go. Love reading your stories. Penny.

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