Capricorn Caves – Mia

Today we went to the Capricorn Caves near Rockhampton. Our tour guide’s name was DJ. I saw at least 9 bats.

_MG_8248 _MG_8250

The caves were great, even in really wet weather. DJ told us that Santa sometimes came at Christmas time and one time he decided to go abseiling and hid beard got stuck in the abseiling kit and they had to cut his whole beard off just to get him out!

There was also a cathedral cave where they had weddings and underground opera. There were two rows of chairs with an aisle in the middle and a stage at the end of the aisle. DJ played us some music so we could hear how beautiful it sounded in the cave.


In another cave there was a hole called the summer solstice hole. If you stand under the hole at lunch time on the summer solstice the sun comes straight through and reflects the colour of your clothes all around the cave. Pink if you had pink on like I did today. But if you had white on it would the colour of your undies!


So all I can say is you should go to these caves.

Bye for now,




3 thoughts on “Capricorn Caves – Mia

  1. The caves sound fascinating, Mia, and I would go there if they weren’t so far away! I have been to limestone caves like these in the Blue Mountains (Jenolan) and at Wellington – both in NSW.
    I was wondering what the weather was like for you now, as you are all wearing jackets. In Armidale it is really quite cold, especially at night, but the days can be quite nice. We haven’t needed to water as there has been some rain, although nowhere near as much as places on the coast have been getting.
    Stace Street is rather quiet at the moment as all the grandparents in the street are away (we must be the noisy ones!), but next weekend Jude and Will and Georgia and Amelia will be here for a few days, so that will liven things up!
    Thank you for letting us share your travels with your blog. It’s really great! Please give our love to Charlie and mum and dad.

  2. Hi Mia The caves look really interesting . You look like you are having a terrific time. I got your postcard today Thankyou . Pam and I had a really good time when we went for our little adventure. We went to the mouth of the Murray River and did a cruise on the Coorong . Pam is now very good at putting up the tent and Bert is very comfortable to sleep in. He has a microwave and a 2 burner stove and a fridge so we cooked our dinner every night. I will see if I can take some pictures of his insides and send them to Dad’s phone. You will see it when I meet you in Alice Springs later in the year . Please give Charlie a BIG hug from me and get him to give you one too. Keep writing your blogs – you are doing a great job Love Nanac

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