Ginger ants in my pants! – Mia

At Longreach Caravan Park last week I had an encounter with ants whose identity is yet to be determined [note from Kirsti – they are most likely ginger ants, also known as the tropical fire ant, Solenopsis geminata].

This is the story.

We were sitting in our camp chairs at the camp kitchen in the caravan park in Longreach.  It was a free sausage sizzle.

I went to get a drink at our van, which was about 25m away. I came back to the table and put my drink down, then dragged my chair towards the table. I took my hand off the chair and looked down to see my hand was covered in ants. I yelled because they started biting me, and it felt like a stinging tree even though I had never been stung by one!

Dad pulled the ants off my hand and arm and we saw that they were all over my chair. I screamed and started hitting my legs because ants were on them too. Dad rushed me to the boys shower because he wasn`t allowed in the girls! I started itching myself all over to see if there were any more ants.

Back in the van dad put soothing cream on my bites and we checked the van for ants. It hurt a lot. I`d avoid any ant bites if I were you.

Bye for now Mia


3 thoughts on “Ginger ants in my pants! – Mia

  1. What a terrible encounter, Mia! And to think your mum actually likes ants! I can’t help thinking how much you are learning now you are away from the confines of school. You’ll never forget the name of those ants now, I’m sure.
    We are also being troubled by very tiny ants here. They don’t bite, but decide to end their lives inside the house on the window sills and floors near the windows. I sweep up thousands of them! Please ask your mum to explain that – I don’t feel very kindly towards them and I’m sorry they are so sad, but I wish they’d do their dying act somewhere else.
    Love to you all, and thanks to Charlie for the great postcard he wrote us. P’ma rang again last night; they are at Well 44 and having a fabulous trip. There’ll be so many stories to hear when they return.

  2. Poor Mia It must have been awful for you but I am sure you were very brave I hope the bites didn’t itch for too long . I wonder why they picked your chair I guess it must have been on top of their nest if they live underground . I am at Alexandra today and Eadie and I are having lunch in Bert I can’t wait to see you all in Alice Springs love nanac

  3. Ants are not prickles but I guess you have now well and truly earned your ‘prickle free’ badge! In fact I think there might be heaps of new badges any ideas?
    I’ll bet they hurt.

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