Princess Ovalia and the black hole – Mia

[note from Kirsti: Mia found and named a constellation as part of her school unit on space. She named it Ovalia, and she has written a story based on it. So we wanted to share it!]

Princess Ovalia and the black hole

Chapter 1

Once upon a time a very special person was born. There was great excitement throughout the worlds. This very special person was a princess. A star princess. Her name was Ovalia. She was the daughter of Queen Starlight, queen of the night skies. So you see the people of the worlds had a reason to be excited.

Queen Starlight lived in the middle of the constellation OVALIA, which she had named after her daughter, Princess Ovalia. Ovalia’s father’s name was King Alphacentauri. He was a kind man who loved his wife and daughter dearly.

The constellation OVALIA was a beautiful one, with lovely starplanks as footpaths leading to other worlds, galaxies and constellations.  There were supernova playgrounds and star nurseries in their constellation, which Ovalia and her friends visited regularly. They also loved to visit the star nurseries to pet the baby stars.

One of Ovalia’s best friends was her cousin, Betacentauri. He was the King’s favourite person because his name was also the name of a pointer star in the night skies, just like the King’s name. Io was another of Ovalia’s best friends, although they were not related to each other. Io was named after one of the moons of Jupiter. Like Ovalia, Betacentauri and Io were very adventurous. The friends had a meeting every week, where all of them chose an adventure to complete. They had a star version of ‘dip dip’, and the one who was left decided on the adventure for the week.

One week, Ovalia decided to go and get Io and Betacentauri for the meeting at her house in the constellation OVALIA. First she walked to the Southern Cross where Io lived and called to Io.

“Come on, let’s go get Betacentauri for the meeting.”

Then they walked to the constellation Orion where Betacentauri lived, and Io yelled out “it’s time to go and get lost!”, and they all walked back to OVALIA using the starplanks.

Before they arrived back to OVALIA a black hole that had been crunching toward them for a thousand years finally reached them. The friends felt a horrid breeze and quickly turned and saw they were about a kilometre away from the black hole. Luckily there was a huge star next to them, which Ovalia quickly tied her hair to and told her friends to hold onto her.

“Quick! Hold onto me, or we’ll get sucked in!”

Unluckily, the wind was so strong that the knot in her silky hair untied from the star and they were sucked in.

 Chapter 2

The friends through that life in the black hole would be dark and dull. But it was better than they expected.  There were no star planks in the black hole so they had to walk from star to star to get around.  They didn’t really want to fall out of the black hole because they might fall into another large galaxy where they didn’t know how to get back.

In the black hole the friends made new friends with the stars, and played with them. Sometimes the stars put themselves together to create supernova playgrounds which Ovalia, Betacentauri and Io played on a lot.

Sometimes the friends discussed with the stars how they were going to get out of the black hole, but the stars thought it would probably be useless trying.

“The wind outside the black hole would be much too strong to get through”, said the starts. “But we’ll help you if we can”. Ovalia, Betacentauri and Io were determined to get out.

First, they asked the stars to join together and make a hook, and move toward the edge of the black hole to start scraping its side. Since Io was a lucky girl, they thought this idea might work, but in the end it didn’t.  Even though the stars made a hole, the wind came in too much and the friends couldn’t get out of the hole. So they plugged it up again with a star that was obliged to help.

Then they tried to throw a star playground at the edge of the black hole. But the playground was too heavy for them to lift, so that didn’t work either. They ran out of ideas so they gave in, and felt very disappointed with their failure to get out of the black hole.

“Come ooooon”, moaned Bentacentauri. “We’ve got to think of another way, or else we’ll never get out, and I don’t want to be in here forever”.

“It’s getting a bit boring with the same playgrounds in here”, he whispered. He was worried that if the stars overheard him complain about their playgrounds it would hurt their feelings.

It was getting very crowded in the black hole because the hole was eating more and more stars every day. The stars thought that it might soon get too full and spit them all out. But they were incorrect.

Something else happened.

 Chapter 3

The next day, the black day became so full of stars that they all thought that everything and everyone would be spat out.

“Ohh, I really think we’re going to get out”, said Betacentauri happily.

“I think we should try and peek out the black hole’s mouth and see if I can attach my hair to something”, Ovalia suggested. “The wind wouldn’t be too strong there because I’m sure the black hole doesn’t want its food to blow too far away”.

Ovalia asked the stars to make a big chain, with every single one of the stars in it, and with ten stars to each loop. She got them to hook one end of the chain to the back of the black hole and move the opposite end towards its mouth. She sat on the end of the chain at the hole’s mouth and carefully hooked her legs around the stars.

“Stay there Io and Betacentauri.” Ovalia warned her friends. “I don’t want you to get blown away. I will tie my hair to something outside. But stay close!”

So Ovalia went to the mouth of the big black hole and tied her hair to a big rock that happened to be just outside. Since she hadn’t washed her hair for a few days, it wasn’t as silky as before so it didn’t  slip off the rock. It held tight. Then she unwrapped her legs from the stars and asked them to surround her, Io and Betacentauri to keep them from falling.

But suddenly, as quick as lightning and just like that, the black hole disappeared completely. The friends were left hanging from the rock that Ovalia had tied her hair to, still surrounded by stars.

Ovalia said to the stars “please go to the star nursery. The star nurses will fix your parts from the damage the black hole did to you. Don’t stay behind and help us. We can manage.”

When the stars had gone she told her friends she had seen some star planks on the other side of the rock.

“Can you please help me swing around to the starplanks so we can climb up and see where we are?” Ovalia asked her friends.

So they swung until they reached the starplanks and found that they were in the same spot where they’d been swallowed. “Thank goodness” said Io.

They all hurried back to the Ovalia’s house and told Queen Starlight and King Alphacentauri the whole story. Upon hearing the news the King and Queen put a very advanced spell around the whole star world that would keep all black holes from ever coming in again since it was their responsibility as king and queen to keep the kingdom safe.

Ovalia, Betacentauri and Io resumed a normal day and went to visit their new star friends at the star nursery.



5 thoughts on “Princess Ovalia and the black hole – Mia

  1. This is an amazing story, Mia, and so well written. I can’t help but put on my teacher hat and say this is wonderful. Your teachers must have been absolutely thrilled to receive this from you. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. A really wonderful story Mia, you have such a fertile imagination I can just picture the friends as they tried to get “unlost”. White holes have now been found, perhaps you could write a sequel. I look forward to more exciting tales. Thankyou for your postcard. We miss your smiling faces so it’s great to hear from you.

  3. Dear Mia,sorry the class havent talked lately mrs Pennington asked me to send this letter to you.dear Mia,this term miss Emma Garbellini from the UNE has come to do her English we have been focusing on Charlottes Web by e.b white it’s so much fun.For hsie we have looked at the British colonisation of Australia.In art we have made boats to do with hsie and barns to do with English. Bye for now and see you next year from Mrs Pennington and year 3

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